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About Us

We are a budding platform for learning English. With us, one can cover English grammar for any domain. We aim to design a free and versatile platform. From basic grammar and spoken to grammar rules for competitive exams( SBI, IBPS, NABARD, LIC, RBI, SEBI, SSC, TET, IELTS, UPSC and campus placement  ) and school-level exams. We are a one-stop destination for any English grammar learner.

Step-by-step learning. Easy explanation of complex rules. Essential vocabulary and its usage. Just follow us with dedication, and English will be your strength. Remember- English is a language and not a phobia. We are also keen to solve your doubts. Thus, feel free to write to us.

Ample Examples: 

We have tried to provide you with as many everyday language examples as possible so that you can learn quickly and implement what you learned.

Practice Tests:

Each topic has its practice tests to test yourself according to your level of learning. We have provided solutions with proper explanations to further give a grip on the language.

Interactive Images:

You can find self-explanatory pictures and quick notes, which helps to memories and understand better as we know that we can process visual data better.

We are also open to suggestions from your ends. Feel free to connect to us at our socials aur write to us.

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Practice Test

Practice what you have learned and keep it with you forever. These tests are with proper soloutions and explainations.


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